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The 11 Best Loom Alternatives: Complete Comparison

Remote working is by no means a new concept. However, in today’s post-pandemic world, working from home is almost a necessity.

For those who are new to it, it doesn’t have to be a stress-laden, headache-inducing situation. Thanks to a slew of productivity tools, working from home can be an easy and fun change of pace. But with so many on the market, it seems next to impossible to choose the ones worth checking out.

Loom Alternatives

Such is the case with the ever-increasingly popular screen recording software. Screen recorders have completely revitalized work communication and made emailing much more productive. It’s all about screen recording to send quick messages and replies, which facilitates remote teamwork. Not to mention the convenience and time-saving of using video to describe a situation or complaint that would be tedious to type.

A popular screen recorder has made a splash on the WFH scene, but it is far from perfect. We’re talking about Loom. This software allows workers in every industry to streamline communication and increase productivity. But just because it’s well known, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Unfortunately, Loom for Chrome and desktop is lacking in a few areas. For example,

  • a Loom recording only lasts for 5 minutes,
  • there’s a limit on the number of users per account,
  • you can only access 100 of your recordings and screenshots at a time,
  • you can’t choose your capture region, and
  • there’s a permanent watermark on your recordings.

Needless to say, we’re in need of a Loom alternative.

The 11 Best Loom Alternatives

Well, we found 11 Loom alternatives that offer more features and fewer limitations! We put each of them side by side for a Loom comparison and to see just how they stack up against each other.

1. ScreenRec

Better Than Loom

ScreenRec is a lightweight yet powerful screen recording app that allows you to capture your screen and record any part of your screen for free. Yes, it’s absolutely free, has zero limitations, no watermark, and allows you to share instantly. Video emailing with this multi-platform app is a cinch.

With freedom and features like these, one could argue that ScreenRec is better than Loom. This lightweight screen recording tool is our first contender for the best Loom alternative.


  • 2GB of free cloud storage
  • Unlimited recording
  • No watermark
  • Instant private shareable link
  • Screenshots with annotations
  • Encrypted videos
  • Universal mp4 export
  • Records a specific area or the entire screen
  • Records webcam
  • Records both mic and system audio

Availability: Windows and Linux (Mac coming soon)

Price: Free. Upcoming premium plans with advanced features and more storage.

2. OBS

Loom Competitors

Want something a bit more complex but chock-full of features and zero limitations? OBS may be what you’re looking for. For beginners, OBS is a sophisticated and quite complicated app that allows you to record videos as well as take screenshots, edit, and share them.

It’s also open-source, meaning it is completely free and comes with a large community of users where you can find support. It is amazing for creating content.


  • Top-notch video editing capabilities
  • Can record from multiple sources
  • Live streaming capabilities
  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple format export options
  • Free plan

Availability: Windows

Price: Free

3. Camtasia

Loom Desktop

Camtasia is a fantastic video recording tool for any remote team. It is marketed as an all-in-one video presentation, live video streaming, demo, and training video creator.

Not only can you record your screen in HD, but you can also add captions, graphics, and animations.

With a simple interface, beginners can make great use of Camtasia. The latest version of the app also offers video templates. The only downside? Its paid plan is quite expensive!


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simple video editing
  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Comes with a library of music

Availability: Mac and Windows

Price: $249.99 per user

4. Kazam

Loom Comparison

Simplicity is key with the Linux-only screen recorder Kazam. It creates a seamless and simple interface that allows users to record any part of their screen. They can as well take screenshots, capture mouse clicks, and more.

You can easily connect your webcam for more involved recording and capture both sound and audio. Though it is easy to use, Kazam lacks a bit of sophistication. But not to worry, it’s made up for by giving you the ability to download your files in multiple formats.


  • Captures system and mic audio
  • Can broadcast to YouTube live
  • Can pause recording
  • Easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts

Availability: Linux/Ubuntu

Price: FREE

5. Bandicam

Loom Software

Bandicam is a sophisticated app for those who want to do some heavy-duty recording. It has three recording modes (screen recording, game recording, and device recording). These modes provide just about everything you need. Far cheaper than Loom software, Bandicam may be the next best thing.

You still have to deal with recording limits and watermarks, and it’s only available for Windows. In the end, you get more bang for your buck, and that’s something that deserves attention.


  • 3 recording modes
  • Instant sharing
  • HD Recording
  • Real-time drawing

Availability: Windows

Price: $39 or free with limitations

6. Prezi

Loom For Chrome

Most people know Prezi to be the ultimate presentation builder, and they’re not wrong. But what many people don't realize is that Prezi also has a pretty awesome screen recorder that can help take your videos to the next level. It allows you to record your presentation window and webcam overlay to give a full-blown presentation. What’s there not to love?


  • Multi-platform
  • Video editing
  • Cool templates
  • Add annotations in real-time

Availability: Online, Windows, Mac

Price: FREE

7. SimpleScreenRecorder

Loom Recording

It’s all in the name. SimpleScreenRecorder is a simple screen recorder for Linux users. It was created by Maarten Baert to be an easy way to record your computer screen (specifically games) with a simple user interface. Indeed, that is what it does. However, underneath the hood, it’s anything but simple.

This app allows you to record any part of your screen with a reduced video frame rate and video preview while recording. It even offers live streaming. These features make this stand out from other Linux-only screen recorders.


  • Records full screen or selected area
  • Pause and resume recording
  • Statistics on screen
  • Faster than VLC
  • Easy video messaging

Availability: Linux

Price: FREE

8. Screenflow

Screenflow Vs Loom

If we have Linux-only screen recorders, then you know we have to list a Mac-only screen recorder. When pitting Screenflow vs. Loom, Screenflow will surely come out on top. This is thanks to its ability to help users create professional videos.

Though Screenflow is a bit expensive, some users may find it worth every penny as it offers high-end editing, HD recording, and even iOS recording.


  • Powerful video editing
  • Closed caption support
  • Built-in stock media library
  • Animations and graphics

Availability: Mac

Price: Starting at $129

9. Soapbox

Soapbox Vs Loom

When comparing Soapbox vs. Loom, we need to take a close look at accessibility. Soapbox by Wistia is an easy-to-use screen recorder that can be accessed via Chrome extension, no need for downloading.

Besides skipping installation, Soapbox also gives you access to editing tools. This will enable you to turn your video into a presentation with a professional touch. Just get the extension and start recording!


  • Analytics
  • Text overlay and GIF creation
  • Video Transition
  • Easy exporting to social media

Availability: Chrome

Price: FREE

10. Screencastify

Loom Vs Screencastify

Screencastify, often compared with Screencast-O-Matic (now ScreenPal) is all about simplicity, making this a winner in a Loom vs. Screencastify matchup. It is also a Chrome extension app as well. With an eye-catching and easy-to-follow user interface, this app allows you to capture a tab, a window, or your webcam and annotate and narrate as you go.

You can upload directly to sharing sites, too, making it an ideal app for simple videos and presentations. Also, if your Screencastify account is connected to your Google Drive, you can always share the link to any of your recordings at any time.


  • Mouse highlighting
  • Record offline
  • Drawing tool while recording
  • Basic editing

Availability: Chrome

Price: Free

11. Bombbomb

Loom Vs Bombbomb

Loom vs. Bombbomb, which is best? We say Bombbomb thanks to the multiple ways to access it. You can either use their web application, Chrome extension, or even Gmail and CRM integration.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to download the app to use any of the access points. But once you’re up and running, you’ll be recording with ease.


  • Instant sharing
  • GIF thumbnail creator
  • Branding options
  • Video analytics

Availability: Chrome, iOS, Android, Gmail integration

Price: $29/month

Comparison Table


Multi Platform?



No Limits?

No Watermark?

Instant Sharing?

Capture regions?

Mp4 export?

HD Recording?






10 mins


15 mins





5 mins



These Loom alternatives all prove that you don’t need an expensive and restrictive app to record your screen without a problem. While there are multiple Loom desktop alternatives, only a select few stand out above the rest.

It could be due to top-notch security or being restriction-free like ScreenRec. It could also be having over-the-top editing features like OBS. Either way, you have plenty of options to find screen recording software better than Loom.


Unfortunately, the only way to get a Loom video on YouTube is to locally save the file first. Then, upload it manually to your YouTube channel.

Yes, when you are offline, you can still use Loom.

Yes, you can use Loom on your phone, but it’s only for iOS.

In our opinion, the best Loom desktop app alternative is a free app that has no restrictions. An app that allows you to record any part of your screen and has instant sharing. The only app that fits this description and somehow offers even more is ScreenRec.

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