Why we created ScreenRec

As a remote team spread in three countries, we needed a simple, fast and effective way to communicate.

We soon discovered that sending screenshots and screen recordings was much better than writing long emails: We reduced physical meetings and video conferencing to the minimum because we could review screen captures and reply on our own schedules. There were fewer back and forth emails because we were able to show each other our desktops and explain exactly what we were seeing or thinking.

Using screen captures to communicate was amazing but existing tools frustrated us:

  • We always had to wait for the videos to upload
  • Not all operating systems were supported
  • Some tools deleted our screencasts from the cloud
  • Other tools had too many options and settings
  • It was difficult to find a specific past recording
  • And so on…

So, we thought:

“Why isn’t there a simple, straight-forward screen capture tool that lets you share screenshots and screen recordings instantly with anyone around the globe?”

That’s how ScreenRec came to be.

What is ScreenRec?

ScreenRec is a free, lightweight screen capture tool that works with as few clicks as possible. There is no upload time and no learning curve.

Just install it, create a free account and start capturing images or videos of your screen. You’ll get a private sharing link instantly thanks to the Cloud Recording technology.

ScreenRec is especially suitable for internal communication because it encrypts each of your screenshots and screen recordings. You can rest assured that your company secrets are safe (even in the cloud).

There are also other capabilities that you will rarely, if ever, find in any other screen capture tool because ScreenRec uses the cloud video platform we’ve been developing in the past 10 years—StreamingVideoProvider. For example, with ScreenRec you can manage and organize your screencasts, track views and engagement and even monetize them with Pay Per View.

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