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ScreenRec Is A Free, Lightweight Screen Capture Tool With Zero Upload Time And Instant Private Sharing.

Use ScreenRec whenever you have to collaborate with designers and developers, create training videos, reply to support tickets, report bugs, assign tasks or… simply show someone your desktop.

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Works on   Windows,   Mac &  Linux.

ScreenRec does it all with fewer clicks

And without slowing down your computer or overwhelming you with options



Free screen recorder software to capture screenshots on Mac, PC & Linux

Click and drag the crosshair to select the desktop area you want to capture. Use the annotation tools to quickly highlight what’s important.

Record Video

Free screen recorder with audio for Mac Windows and Linux.

ScreenRec can record both your desktop and your voice or just your desktop. Perfect for quick training videos and visual feedback.

Share Instantly

Free screen capture software with instant cloud sharing private link.

When you’re done recording, you’ll immediately get a private sharing link copied to your clipboard. No upload time and no need to connect to DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Reshare Easily

Re-share your screen recorded videos and screenshots instantly without the need to re-upload.

ScreenRec keeps all your screencasts and screenshots safe in your online library. You don’t have to dig through emails to find that recording you made last month

It’s more than your regular screen recorder tool

ScreenRec comes with private cloud storage, enterprise-level security, video management tools and analytics.

Autosave each capture

ScreenRec saves screen captures to your private cloud automatically, while you’re recording. If you’re offline, the screenshots and screencasts you’ve made will auto sync with your cloud account as soon as you go online again.

Want your own local copies? Sure, why not. You can save each ScreenRec capture to your hard drive in a convenient .mp4 or .png format.

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Protect your privacy

Whether you’re creating videos for internal corporate training or to walk a client through their new website design, you’re sharing sensitive information.

ScreenRec prevents any unauthorized downloads using the 128-bit AES HLS encryption algorithm. To further protect your captures from unwanted viewers, you can set passwords and restrict access by Geo location or public IP address. 

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Organize your captures

If you haven’t tried communicating with screen recording before, we need to warn you: You’ll soon be addicted and you’ll have a pile of them.

Use ScreenRec’s neat video panel to organize your captures with tags and playlists. Share playlists privately to speed up employee onboarding, publicly to enhance your tech support content or use them to keep track of past design and code iterations.

Cloud management panel to your video recordings and screen captures.

Video Panel

Organize your screen recorded videos and images into playlists

Tags & Playlists

Share your screen recorded videos and images using a sharable private link or send instantly via email or post on social.

Share Privately

See who watched what

You know how, sometimes, people say they read your report or watched your training video but… you really doubt they did.

With ScreenRec’s Deep Analytics you can quickly see if your client or colleague really watched your screen recording, which parts of it they skipped, how many times they watched, etc. No more: “Did you get my email?”

Free screen recorder with analytics

What people say about ScreenRec

We absolutely love how much ScreenREC has improved our internal workflow as well as communications with our customers.

George S., Director IT Specialists London
We absolutely love how much ScreenREC has improved our internal workflow as well as communications with our customers.
Gina R., Thema Design NYC
We absolutely love how much ScreenREC has improved our internal workflow as well as communications with our customers.
Conrad A., Oxford University


Did we mention it also comes with 2GB of free cloud storage? That’s 10 hours of screencasts.

Works on Windows, Mac & Linux.


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ScreenRec for Teachers & Online Instructors

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