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Send instant videos and screenshots that others can review in their own time. Goodbye, interruptions!

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What Can You Do With ScreenRec?

Software Developer Productivity Tools

Software Architects

Share concepts and requirements

Web Developer Productivity Tools


Do code reviews and communicate with designers

Productivity Tools

QA Professionals

Produce effective bug reports

Time Management For Developers


Explain task scope and give feedback

It’s A Huge Time Saver

Share knowledge and ideas

Programmer Productivity Tools

Make how-to videos for your teammates instead of typing emails

Best Tools For Software Developers

Explain development workflow and requirements

Software Developer Efficiency

Help new hires get up to speed with personalized videos

Best Productivity Tools For Programmers

Enhance your documentation with videos and screenshots

Useful Tools For Software Developers
Time Management In Software Development

Get everyone on the same page (and stay there)

Software Development Productivity Tools

Quickly send product updates to your team

Skills Required For Software Engineer

Walk others through a task and assign action points

Developer Productivity

Reduce unnecessary chats and virtual meetings

Tools To Increase Developer Productivity

Communicate faster at work and let everyone stay focused on their work

Work better together

Developer Tools

Record quick code reviews for co-workers

Developer Productivity Hacks

Share code improvement suggestions

Communication Problems In Software Development

Exchange feedback with designers

How To Be A Productive Programmer

Spend more time writing code and less time answering emails

Software Product Development
Free Online Productivity Tools

Step up your bug reporting game

Software Development Tools

When you spot a bug, just record your screen to show what happens

Software Development Team Tools

Use video to explain how you fixed a bug or to guide others through your debug flow

Skills Needed For Software Developer

You can even ask users to send bug reports with ScreenRec because it’s so easy to use

Software Development Project Management Tools

Paste the video link in Git, Asana, Slack or any employee communication app

Built For Business

ScreenRec is not your regular screen recorder. It was built to serve business users

Business Video Hosting

Business Video Hosting

ScreenRec uses the global business video platform Streaming Video Provider

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Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

128-bit encryption protects your captures

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Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

Screenshots and videos are uploaded as you record

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Content Management

Content Management

Search, tag and share past video or screenshots

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Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

See who watched your content and for how long

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Access Control

Access Control

Require a password to view or restrict access to specific users

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Get More Done With ScreenRec

Record your screen, share and move on with your day. It’s so easy you’ll get addicted!

Latest version – 2.0.4 | Release date: 03 Jan 2023 Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

sudo wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb stable main'

sudo apt update

sudo apt install screenrec

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

Mac version is coming soon. (ETA - Jan 2023)

All Use Cases


Do code reviews, report and fix bugs faster

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Customer Support

Resolve more customer cases in a fraction of the time

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Give and receive clear design feedback

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Easily create tutorials and monetize courses

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Win more customers with personalized demos

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Record and share internal training videos privately

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Project Management

Assign tasks and give feedback in minutes

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Business Communication

Get your point across faster with video

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Learn more about working with ScreenRec

You can make screenshots or videos using ScreenRec and add them directly to your help articles. You can also add annotations to your screenshots and audio to your videos to make them even more helpful. Plus, once you stop recording, you can immediately get a free shareable link that you can easily paste in an article. And, for screenshots, you can also copy the image to your clipboard and paste it in line with your text.

You can record your screen while reproducing the bug or make a video to show how you fixed a bug. ScreenRec allows you to capture audio from your mic in case you want to. You can then send your co-workers the links to these videos or paste them on your bug report platform using the automatically generated sharable link you're going to get. The result is fewer and shorter virtual meetings because there is less misunderstanding. Honestly, ScreenRec has been one of the best productivity tools we’ve ever used.

Yes! It works like this: Junior developer Bryan sends his code to senior developer Amy for a review. Instead of scheduling a call, Amy records her screen and voice with ScreenRec, sharing detailed feedback on the code and showing what could be improved. She then pastes the shareable link in the chat with Bryan. He can review the video whenever he has the time and, better yet, he can watch it several times. ScreenRec can become one of the best code review tools in your arsenal, especially when managing remote teams.

Yes, ScreenRec has some key annotation tools to ease your work. You can add a callout, draw rectangles to focus on a particular area in the screenshot, add arrows or actual text. You can also move or delete your annotations at any time.

The amount of time you can record is practically unlimited. You only need to install ScreenRec and make a free acount to get 2GB cloud storage. It's a convenient and secure screen recorder and screenshot tool that actually protects your privacy.