Do More With Fewer Emails

Send instant videos and screenshots to communicate faster from planning to release.

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What Can You Do With ScreenRec?


Speed up client communication


Quickly exchange feedback even remotely

Project Managers

Reduce the back and forth in your team

Business Owners

Convey your vision and ideas clearly

When email and chat are not enough

Say more with videos and images

Communicate visually to prevent misunderstandings

Capture your screen to give a precise definition of task scope

Document and solve issues faster with shareable videos and screenshots

Use visuals to make project requirements crystal clear

Free Project Management Software

Make the most of each workday

Reduce interruptions and let employees watch your instant videos in their own time

Send rich updates to your clients by recording your screen, face and voice

See who actually watched your videos to understand employee engagement

Protect sensitive videos and screenshots with advanced encryption

Close the
feedback loop

Give and receive clear feedback with instant videos and screenshots

Organize past and current feedback in a single project space

Enable clients to communicate their ideas with an easy-to-use tool

Record your webcam to make video feedback feel truly personal

Online Project Management Software
Best Software For Project Management Free

Master remote team communication

Send video emails to keep freelancers in sync with your in-house team

Let team members record tutorials and share knowledge even at a distance

Reduce the need for virtual meetings and manage remote teams across time zones

Easily record onboarding videos for your freelancers

Built For Business

ScreenRec is not your regular screen recorder. It was built to serve business users

Business Video Hosting

Business Video Hosting

ScreenRec uses the global business video platform StreamingVideoProvider

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Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

128-bit encryption protects your captures

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Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

Screenshots and videos are uploaded as you record

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Content Management

Content Management

Search, tag and share past video or screenshots

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Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

See who watched your content and for how long

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Access Control

Access Control

Require a password to view or restrict access to specific users

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Get More Done With ScreenRec

Record your screen, share and move on with your day. It’s so easy you’ll get addicted!

Latest version – 3.0.0 | Release date: 17 July 2023 Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

sudo wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb stable main'

sudo apt update

sudo apt install screenrec

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

Latest version – 3.0.0 | Release date: 17 July 2023 Works on Mac OS

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

All Use Cases


Do code reviews, report and fix bugs faster

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Customer Support

Resolve more customer cases in a fraction of the time

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Give and receive clear design feedback

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Easily create tutorials and monetize courses

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Win more customers with personalized demos

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Record and share internal training videos privately

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Project Management

Assign tasks and give feedback in minutes

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Business Communication

Get your point across faster with video

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Learn more about working with ScreenRec

Yes, you can record videos for your team members to share feedback or precisely explain the requirements for the task, its deadline, the key aspects or anything else you need. With ScreenRec you skip the dozens of emails and virtual meetings and ease up the communication, especially when managing remote teams. You can use it as a powerup to your best task management tools, as an extension to your favorite collaboration tools or even as an email alternative.

Yes, recording videos and screenshots helps you stay on the same page with your remote teams about tasks, deadlines, feedback or tutorials. A big plus for remote project managers is you that you can record the video once and your team members can watch it many times, whenever they want. Another feature that can aid the project management process is the ability to see who watched your videos and what they skipped.

Yes, they just need to install it in a few simple steps and then use all its features for free. This speeds up communication with clients as they can easily and more accurately share feedback through short videos and annotated screenshots.

Sending a video email is super easy! Once you stop recording, you immediately get a private sharable link copied to your clipboard. You can paste that in your email client, without the need to upload the video itself. No need to worry about attachment limits!