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ScreenRec is a free streaming recorder with audio that lets you capture hours of live video from any website.

  • No learning curve whatsoever

  • Record computer sound

  • Free private cloud storage

  • Unlimited stream recording

  • Lightweight stream recorder (no lag)

  • No watermarks

Free forever. No credit card | downloads so far Free Screen Recorder For WindowsRated "Great" 4.5/5

Capture Streaming Video In 1, 2, 3

1. Select

Select the entire screen or a specific area

2. Capture

Capture live streaming video and audio in real-time

3. Save

Re-watch, download or share the stream privately

What people say about ScreenRec

ScreenRec Reviews - Profile George

“We absolutely love how much ScreenRec has improved our internal workflow as well as communications with our customers.”

George S. Director, IT Specialists London
ScreenRec Reviews - Profile Deyan

“Perfect for customer support videos. The ability to record screen captures and send to users that are experiencing kind of an issue or need assistance helped us to provide better support to them.”

Deyan S., CEO, StreamingVideoProvider
ScreenRec Reviews - Profile Gerry

“It’s SO EASY to use that a child could use it! I love how in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks I can send the client or prospect screenshots or videos.”

Gerry D, Founder, Bright Marketing Co.
ScreenRec Reviews - Profile Conrad

“This is for sure the best screen recorder for mac! It helped us improve communications within my software development team.”

Conrad A., Oxford University
ScreenRec Reviews - Profile Rainer

“Real time-saver. When I tried ScreenRec, I realized that it uploads the video while you’re recording. I love that.”

Rainer S., Director,

Get More Done With ScreenRec

Record your screen, share and move on with your day. It’s so easy you’ll get addicted!

Latest version – 3.0.0 | Release date: 17 July 2023 Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

sudo wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb stable main'

sudo apt update

sudo apt install screenrec

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

Latest version – 3.0.0 | Release date: 17 July 2023 Works on Mac OS

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

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Learn more about working with ScreenRec

Go to Settings ⚙ and create a free account. You also get 2 Gb of forever free cloud storage when you do this.

If you’ve just created an account, this is normal because ScreenRec wasn’t able to record in real-time. Also, check if you’re connected to the internet.

We will keep on trying to upload your screenshot or screen recording until you’re back online.

Yes, and you can save the screenshots or screen videos as files on your computer.

Stop recording, take a screenshot or go to Recording History and open your file. Click the Save 📥 button to save it to your hard drive. Then go to YouTube and upload the file. Make sure that you are not uploading copyrighted content.

If you want to record a live stream, you need to install ScreenRec and set a high resolution of the streaming video player. This helps you achieve better quality when capturing streaming video online. Then, you can set your player to full screen and simply press Alt + S or the video camera icon on your desktop. After you've marked the area you want to capture, you immediately start recording. ScreenRec allows you to record streaming video for free, capture the audio, and download your recording to share it online.

Yes, ScreenRec is streaming video capture software that lets you record live streams on PCs, Macs and laptops. It currently works on Linux and Windows laptops, with a MacOS version underway.

Yes, you can record all that's on your display, but we do not recommend to publish it online because you risk breaching someone's copyrights. You can record any streaming video with ScreenRec, but this streaming video recorder is intended for personal use only. We do not encourage the recording of videos from websites and live TV shows that may include copyrighted content.

Yes, ScreenRec is one of the few live stream recording tools that allows you to record both streaming video and audio from the video itself and even from your microphone (Great if you’re looking to make your own reaction videos :)) You can set this up before playing the video by clicking the audio icon in the recording panel. The mic recording is enabled by default, so if you want to stop it, click the mic icon in the recording panel.