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How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10

Throughout history, we have developed many different techniques in capturing and recording moments. Starting from paintings on a cave wall to digitally capturing video and images in an instant. You can never satiate progress and screen recording is proof of that.

A businessman who set up an online conference with his managers.

An online student and her teacher in a virtual classroom who are prsereparing study points for the SATs.

A grandmother, 2,000 miles away, who sees her great-grandchild for the first time via Skype.

How To Record Your Computer Screen Windows 10

These moments are the type of moments that need to be recorded and, in this day and age, it has become insanely easy. A free screen recorder gives us the convenience of capturing anything on our PC or laptop screens.

In this article we’ll cover how to record your computer screen on Windows 10. There are several options out there and we are going to walk you through three of them.

So sit back, relax, and let’s jump in.

OPTION 1: Screenrec

Screenrec is free computer screen recording software that allows you to record both your screen and computer audio. It can also serve as a streaming video recorder, 4K screen recorder, software to create tutorial videos, and app to record Skype for Business meetings.

With a minimalistic style interface, using Screenrec is amazingly simple. Everything is front and center and all it takes 2 or 3 mouse clicks.

Screenrec uploads your recordings, in the background, to our secure cloud storage (also free). It evens copies the link to your clipboard, so all you really have to do is click, record and paste the sharing link.

Screenrec is suitable for video screen capture on Windows 7, 8 or 10 and Linux. The Mac version will also be available very soon.

How do you screen record?

Here’s how to screen record on PC with ScreenRec. (Watch the video below or scroll for the text-based guide.)

  • Download and install ScreenRec Download Free Screen Recorder
  • Press Alt + S and select your capture area (similar to a crop feature).Capture Area
  • Press the Video Camera button to start recording your screen.Capture Screen Video
  • Record screen audio:
    • Computer audio. Screenrec can record the audio being played from your computer speakers. Just click the speaker icon to toggle computer audio recording on or off.
    • Microphone. You can choose to record your microphone(voice) together with your screen video. To disable your mic, simply click the toggle next to the microphone icon.
    Record Computer Audio.png
  • Paste the private sharing link.

    After each recording, you are given a unique URL that can be shared with anyone you choose. You can share the screen recording via email or publish it directly to your site. Just copy and paste the link.

    Screen Recording With Cloud Sharing Link

OPTION 2: Windows 10 Game Recorder

If you’ve ever used the Windows Snipping Tool, you probably wondered at some point,

“How can I record my screen on Windows 10? Is there a video snipping tool?”

Actually, yes, there is! Strictly speaking, the Game Recorder (or Game Bar) was designed as a way to record gameplay on PC. However, you can capture anything that’s on your screen.

The only potential problem is that there are a few hoops you have to jump through first including actually finding the program on your computer. We’ll take it one step at a time.

How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10 Using The Game Bar

  • Make sure you have the appropriate graphics card. (Hoop #1). In order to begin recording a screencast, you need a hardware encoder, which means that you’ll need a specific graphics card installed in order to support an encoder like Intel Quick Sync H.260, Nvidia NVENC, or AMD VCE.
  • Press Windows + G and the Game Recorder will appear.Record My Screen Windows 10
  • Record audio
    • System audio. The sound from your computer is recorded by default. You can disable it by clicking the settings icon at the bottom left of the window, select the “Game DVR” tab and scroll down until you see “Audio”, unselect “Record audio when I record game clips”.How To Screen Record On PC
    • Microphone audio (Hoop #2). Unfortunately, the Windows 10 Game Recorder is not equipped with voice recording software. If you wish to record your voice during gameplay, you will have to change your computer settings. Watch this video to see how.
  • Click the Record button (the circle) to begin recording. When in full screen, press the Windows key + Alt + G to start and stop recording.How To Record Video On Windows 10
  • Share your recording (Hoop #3). Once you’re finished recording, a file is created and saved to your computer. There is no way to instantly share, however, you can upload to YouTube or any other video hosting site.

OPTION 3: OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

OBS is another widely popular way to record video on Windows 10. It’s far more involved and complex than the other two. However, if you’re into video production and would like more control over your screen recording options and capabilities, then OBS may be what you’re looking for.

OBS is still a great piece of screen recording software for Windows 10, so we’ll explore it as our third option. We’ll walk you through each step and you can also watch this tutorial to help you better understand the software.

How to screen record with OBS

  • Download and install OBSDownload And Install OBS
  • Go to SettingsGo To OBS Settings
  • Adjust the video and audio bitrate if necessary:How To Screen Record With OBS
  • The bitrate depends on your computer’s processing power. If you have a weaker system, choose a lower bitrate. Choose a higher bitrate for a stronger system. Watch this video to learn how.
  • Never forget to click Apply after every setting change. It will not automatically apply your changes when you click OK.
  • We recommend switching the format to .mp4 so your video can be viewed on any device. *REMEMBER: Click Apply*Export Screen Recording OBS
  • Record audio
  • Both the system audio and microphone audio are recorded automatically.
  • You can go into settings to turn off the audio recording. Here’s a tutorial that shows you how.Audio Recording
  • Click the plus sign below Sources and select Display Capture to start screencasting.OBS Screen Recorder
  • Click Start RecordingStart Recording
  • Share your recording – Your recordings are saved locally. In order to share them, you can upload to YouTube or any other video hosting site.Share Your Recording

The Easiest Way To Record Your Computer Screen

It might be a bit bold but we’ll say it: Screenrec is the easiest way to record your computer screen on Windows. Many other screen recorders (both free and premium ones) add complexity with mandatory third-party downloads and insanely steep learning curves.

Screenrec was designed to make recording your computer screen as simple as possible. From recordings automatically saved to your free private video account, all the way up to sharing instantly with as many people as you’d like anywhere in the world. Screenrec does all the heavy-lifting while you merely click a button or two. If you want to try it, head over to the screen recorder download page.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’d suggest you try Suggest ScreenRec because it’s fast, it’s very simple to use (only one shortcut to remember), it automatically saves your screen recordings to the cloud and it’s free.

Windows 10 comes with its own screen recording tool called Game Bar. It was mainly designed to enable screen capture during gameplay. You can access it by pressing Windows key + G.

Make your screen resolution as high as possible and do some research to find the best noise cancelling microphone. On Windows 10 PC, go to Start > Settings > System > Display. Select the highest setting in the Resolution drop down and the change will automatically be made. Click “Keep Changes”. Then use an HD screen recorder such as ScreenRec to capture your screen with the best possible quality. ScreenRec saves your screen recordings in the universal MP4 format which offers a great balance between video quality and file size.

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