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  • 2GB Cloud Storage
  • 10GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Seat
  • All Standard Features
  • x
  • x


  • 5 GB Cloud Storage
  • 50GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1 Seat
  • All Standard Features
  • x
  • x


  • 50 GB Cloud Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1-5 Team Members
  • All Standard Features
  • All Plus Features
  • x


  • 100 GB Cloud Storage
  • 200GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1-10 Team Members
  • All Standard Features
  • All Plus Features
  • All Pro Features


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Pricing

What is the difference between monthly and yearly plans?2018-05-10T15:33:28+02:00

You get a discount when you choose to pay yearly. Your card is charged once every 1 or 2 years.

How do I cancel my subscription?2018-05-10T15:32:58+02:00

You can cancel any time with no questions asked. Starting from the next billing cycle, your account will automatically be downgraded to the Free plan and we will stop charging your card. You will no longer have access to the premium features.

What do you mean by “team members”?2018-05-10T15:32:35+02:00

With Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans, you can share your storage and bandwidth with others. Just add them as team members inside the ScreenRec dashboard.

Do I need to purchase a license for each team member?2018-05-10T15:32:11+02:00

No. Just sign up for a Plus, Pro or Enterprise plan. You will be able to add team members with no additional costs.

What if I run out of bandwidth?2018-05-10T15:31:39+02:00

This is very unlikely unless you share your video on a website with a lot of traffic. If it does happen, you can purchase additional bandwidth straight from the ScreenRec dashboard. If you run out of bandwidth often, it will be more cost-effective for you to upgrade to a plan with more bandwidth.

What if I run out of storage?2018-05-10T15:31:16+02:00

You and your team members won’t be able to upload any new videos. You can delete old videos to free up space or purchase additional storage from the ScreenRec dashboard.  If you run out of storage often, it will be more cost-effective for you to upgrade to a plan with more storage.

What if I need to add more team members?2018-05-10T15:30:51+02:00

You can upgrade your plan or add team members at £5/mo.

Is there a volume discount?2018-05-10T15:19:15+02:00

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Questions About Features

What is Cloud Recording?2018-05-10T15:17:12+02:00

With the Cloud Recording technology your screencasts are uploaded to our secure video platform while you’re recording. You don’t have to connect to third-party services like DropBox, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. You don’t have to wait for your screencasts to upload.

Will ScreenRec work if I don’t have an internet connection?2018-05-10T15:16:57+02:00

ScreenRec will queue your screen captures and auto sync them with your cloud account as soon as you’re back online.

Can ScreenRec save my files locally?2018-05-10T15:16:44+02:00

Yes. ScreenRec saves your screenshots and screencasts to your local hard drive. You can view these local copies whenever you need to.

What is a screencast?2018-05-10T15:24:14+02:00

It’s a video recording of your computer desktop.

Does ScreenRec work on all desktop computers?2018-05-10T15:16:17+02:00

Yes. ScreenRec works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will my screencasts play on all devices?2018-05-10T15:15:56+02:00

Yes because they are stored in your cloud account. Anyone can view your screencasts on any device, including mobile.

Is there a recording limit?2018-05-10T15:15:41+02:00

There is a 5-minute recording limit on the free version. ScreenRec Pro allows has unlimited recording time.

Can I record my voice?2018-05-10T15:15:25+02:00

Yes. You can record your voice while recording a screencast. You also have the option to toggle voice recording on or off.