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Use instant videos and screenshots to communicate faster from design concept to approval.

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What Can You Do With ScreenRec?

Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Designers

Give and receive clear design feedback

UX Design Process

UX Professionals

Share concepts and do user testing

Feedback Design

Front-End Developers

Resolve implementation/ design issues

How To Manage A Design Project


Explain task scope and review designs

Get Out Of Your Inbox

Level up work communication

How To Present Your Graphic Design Work

Quickly record your screen to showcase your design before a meeting

Design Collaboration Tools

Send screenshots or videos to give a precise definition of task scope

Online Brainstorming Tools

Replace some meetings with quick video emails that others can watch in their own time

Project Collaboration Tools

Easily manage remote teams and stay on the same page even across time zones

Design Team

Close the feedback loop

Feedback Tool
Customer Feedback Tools

Give and receive easy-to-follow feedback from clients and co-workers

Feedback For Website Design

Articulate your design decisions clearly with videos and screenshots

Design Review Tools

Shorten the feedback loop by keeping everyone on the same page

Visual Feedback Web Design

Store and organize all design feedback in an online library

Bridge the designer - developer gap

Design Process

Communicate technical limitations and design requirements

Website Feedback Tool

Convey exactly where changes need to be made in code or design

Design Review Process

Quickly capture and report technical, UX and visual design bugs

Web Design Tools

Easily and securely share progress with everyone involved in a project

Graphic Design Tools

Share ideas and knowledge

Website Design Software
Professional Graphic Designer

Walk others through the latest design trend or show a cool trick with an instant video

UX Design Communication

Create training videos to help new hires learn about your processes and design tool stack

Web Design Process

Explain how you solved a design problem to inspire your teammates

Design Sprint Process

Present your notes from a conference or a course you attended

Built For Business

ScreenRec is not your regular screen recorder. It was built to serve business users

Business Video Hosting

Business Video Hosting

ScreenRec uses the global business video platform Streaming Video Provider

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Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise-Grade Security

128-bit encryption protects your captures

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Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording

Screenshots and videos are uploaded as you record

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Content Management

Content Management

Search, tag and share past video or screenshots

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Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

See who watched your content and for how long

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Access Control

Access Control

Require a password to view or restrict access to specific users

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Get More Done With ScreenRec

Record your screen, share and move on with your day. It’s so easy you’ll get addicted!

Latest version – 2.0.2 | Release date: 28 July 2022 Works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

sudo wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo add-apt-repository 'deb stable main'

sudo apt update

sudo apt install screenrec

Instant Private Sharing

Downloads & Counting

Mac version is coming soon. (ETA - Aug 2022)

All Use Cases


Do code reviews, report and fix bugs faster

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Customer Support

Resolve more customer cases in a fraction of the time

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Give and receive clear design feedback

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Easily create tutorials and monetize courses

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Win more customers with personalized demos

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Record and share internal training videos privately

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Project Management

Assign tasks and give feedback in minutes

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Business Communication

Get your point across faster with video

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Learn more about working with ScreenRec

No, ScreenRec is a designer tool that has no upload time and spares you the waiting. Your videos are automatically uploaded during recording thanks to the Cloud Recording technology. With ScreenRec, you get 2GB free private cloud storage which can store hours of screen recordings.

Yes, ScreenRec has some of the annotation tools design teams need the most. You can add arrows, callouts, rectangles or you can directly add text. You also have the opportunity to edit or delete the annotations. This speeds up your design process because it’s great for client communication, website feedback and general design feedback.

Yes, with ScreenRec you can communicate more effectively with your clients, letting them record their screen to give you feedback. The different annotation tools make it easy and convenient to get clear advice, instructions and overall feedback.

Yes, you can use it both for internal communication, to communicate with remote graphic designers and to sync with clients. By capturing screenshots and videos you save time and you can explain your ideas more clearly. This helps you collaborate with team members/clients more easily. For us, ScreenRec is an indispensable part of the design review process and a great graphic design tool in general. We use it to create graphic design tutorials, collaborate on UX projects, create web designs and even as an online brainstorming tool — it allows us to share our ideas instantly and visually without interrupting each other.