Review Designs Faster

Use instant videos and screenshots to communicate faster from design concept to approval.

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What Can You Do With ScreenRec?

Graphic Designers

Give and receive clear design feedback

UX Professionals

Share concepts and do user testing

Front-End Developers

Resolve implementation/ design issues


Explain task scope and review designs

Get Out Of Your Inbox

Level up work communication

Quickly record your screen to showcase your design before a meeting

Send screenshots or videos to give a precise definition of task scope

Replace some meetings with quick video emails that others can watch in their own time

Easily manage remote teams and stay on the same page even across time zones

Design Team

Close the feedback loop

Feedback Tool

Give and receive easy-to-follow feedback from clients and co-workers

Articulate your design decisions clearly with videos and screenshots

Shorten the feedback loop by keeping everyone on the same page

Store and organize all design feedback in an online library

Bridge the designer - developer gap

Communicate technical limitations and design requirements

Convey exactly where changes need to be made in code or design

Quickly capture and report technical, UX and visual design bugs

Easily and securely share progress with everyone involved in a project

Graphic Design Tools

Share ideas and knowledge