What can you do with ScreenRec?

It’s like video mail (but smarter)

Give visual feedback

What if you could review design, code, copy, sales reports… in minutes, not hours?

Use ScreenRec to record a video of your desktop and narrate it. It’s a great way to provide visual feedback to developers, designers, copywriters or other employees, explain problems and indicate changes to be made. Best of all, everyone can review in their own time.

Give visual feedback with screen recorder
Create training content with desktop screen capture tool

Create training content

With ScreenRec you can quickly and effortlessly onboard new employees, educate clients or simply share knowledge. The perfect screen recording tool for teachers and instructors.

Capture screenshots to enhance your existing training documents. Use screencasts to create step-by-step tutorials. Organize all of your content with our Advanced Video Dashboard and publish it securely to your intranet or to your company website.

Increase your productivity

Instead of scheduling yet another meeting or Skype call to share your desktop, you can make a quick screencast and email the link instantly with ScreenRec.

This helps you cut down on email because you’re able to get your point across with text, video, voice and images. That’s a much more effective way to communicate and it reduces interruptions for everyone.
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Increase your productivity by recording and sharing videos and annotation screenshots
Free screen recorder for it support and reporting bugs

Manage tasks and issues

How do you assign a task? Or report an issue to IT support? Or point out a bug to your website developer?

Instead of writing lengthy emails, you can record a video with ScreenRec and walk the employee through. It’s easier for you to explain by showing your desktop. It’s also easier for them to understand the task or replicate the issue by watching a video.

And more…

With ScreenRec you’ll also be able to:

Record and share screen recordings and save time
  • Reduce the need for in-person meetings

  • Reduce confusion and misunderstanding in your team

  • Prevent repeated discussions and long email trails

  • Connect with customers and colleagues in a more personal way

  • The list goes on…

ScreenRec is built for managers and their teams

It’s focused on time-saving, productivity and efficient communication

No complicated options

Simply capture images or video of your desktop.

Cloud Recording

Share your screenshots and screencasts instantly.

Enterprise-level security

128-bit AES HLS encryption protects your captures.

Message tracking

Find out who watched your videos and who skipped.

A visual library

Organize your screencasts  with tags and playlists.

Access control

Share publicly or privately. Use password protection.

Get ScreenRec now. It’s free.

Did we mention it also comes with 2GB of free cloud storage? That’s 10 hours of screencasts.

Works on Windows, Mac & Linux.


We’re always here for you

ScreenRec support

If you run into any problems, just email us. Our support specialists will make sure to resolve your issue, answer your questions and help you get the most out of your ScreenRec experience.

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