The 7 Best HD Screen Recorders

Nowadays, everyone is looking to record their computer screen for one reason or another. Maybe you want to record an important discussion happening during a video chat. Or maybe you want to record a how-to video and send it as a video email to your co-workers. In any case, having a go-to HD screen recorder [...]

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The Best Screencast Software: Full Comparison

What is a Screencast? Screencasting is the video recording of a computer screen that is often accompanied by voice-over narration and serves for educational purposes. Live screencasting is, respectively, the live broadcasting of your screen. For example, teachers may use screencasting to create e-learning tutorials and courses. Employers may screencast how-to videos and tutorials for [...]

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How To Record Your Computer Screen On Windows 10

Throughout history, we have developed many different techniques in capturing and recording moments. Starting from paintings on a cave wall to digitally capturing video and images in an instant. You can never satiate progress and screen recording is proof of that. A businessman who set up an online conference with his managers. An online student [...]

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How To Record Your Computer Screen And Audio

Whether it's to record a live stream or create a video training for work, you often need to record computer screen and audio together. That should be easy, right? Yeah… Not really. When you want a screen recorder with sound that can truly deliver amazing features for free, well, let’s just say your options are [...]

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Top 5 Best Free Screen Recorder Software In 2020

They say there is no free lunch and, more often than not, that’s the rule. Screen recorders, though, are a delightful exception — there are heaps of free tools out there. To help you find the best solution, we have created a shortlist of the highest rated free screen capture tools for recording your computer video and audio.

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